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The benefit of detoxing your body

  Do you suffer from chronic health problems and have yet to find the answers you seek? Fatigue. Migraine headaches. Joint pain. Brain fog. Inflammation. Sluggishness. Constipation and other digestive d..

4 Foods to eat and 4 Foods to avoid this summer

  Why should you be careful what you eat in summer? Well, it’s hot enough outside without adding internal complications, don’t you think? What you eat can have a profound effect on how you’re feeling. R..

Stretches to do every morning and night

  When people think of fitness, body fat and strength come to mind first. Flexibility is a crucial aspect of health, without which even the simplest task becomes a struggle. Busy schedules don’t allow f..

6 ways to protect your vision

  Did you know that one in every six adults over the age of 45 faces an eye problem that threatens their vision? When we focus on our overall health and wellbeing, we often neglect or forget about our e..

Nattokinase - a blood pressure reducing and clot busting, traditional Japanese food

  One of the leading causes of long-term health issues in the world includes individuals suffering from a stroke. Japan has made a ground breaking contribution to the world of health sciences with the i..

Smoking after sex - four big reasons why you shouldn't

  It’s the classic Hollywood post-coital ritual for men - lying back and lighting a cigarette. Reel life fantasies aside, it might surprise you to know that that cigarette might just ensure that you don..

Precautions to take in a home with children and pets

  Having a pet at home provides a host of benefits. Pets offer affection and companionship, help us relax and are great stress busters. Studies show that pets help lower our blood pressure, help protect..

What to Eat and What to Avoid When You're Pregnant

  Pregnancy causes a number of changes to the human body. Most of you will have heard the saying about a pregnant mother having to ‘eat for two’ - while that’s accurate in the sense that a pregnant woma..

The Vegetarian Spectrum: classification of plant-based diets

  The most widely accepted definition of a vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat meat of any kind – including fish and poultry. Overall, it is a more humane diet to follow as no animals are harmed in t..

How to Get Glowing Skin the Natural Way

   Taking care of your skin is very important. This doesn’t mean that you should use expensive anti aging creams or spend a fortune on luxurious facial moisturizers. The following ho..

How To Find The Perfect Mattress For You

  We spend around a third of our lives in bed or sleeping. When you consider that fact, it seems obvious that we should take more care about how we spend that time - and a comfortable mattress will go a..

10 Superfoods That Fights Fatigue, Depression & Stress

  Feeling nervous, agitated or anxious are some of the things, we don’t choose. Life presents us with these extremely conflicting situations, which leads to fatigue, depression & stress. Ignoring it..

Dry fruits and their benefits

    Dried fruits are rich in vitamins, proteins and iron which are crucial for vital organs like heart, lungs, etc. Dried fruits aid in weight loss, boosting immunity, skin care and have various..

Sitting pretty: Keeping your spine healthy at your desk

    Studies have shown that 1 in 5 work related injuries involve the back and spine. Your boss might be thanking you for your extra hours at work, but your spine isn’t! If you’re in a career tha..

How to Minimise Your Stroke Risk

  When blood supply to the brain is disturbed due to a blocked or burst blood vessel, the brain cells in the affected area are deprived of oxygen and glucose. If the cutoff is brief, the brain cells rec..