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Health is all

Who is Healthisall?

Prevention is better than cure - an age-old adage that everyone has heard, but very few people seem to really understand. Healthisall.in is an innovative new company that works hard to encourage the awareness and spread of preventive healthcare - possibly the most important healthcare service of all! We help people discover their risk factors, control their existing issues, and prevent potential future illnesses, as well as assisting them in finding, choosing and book appointments with well-reviewed, acclaimed doctors in their area. After all, no scientific prevention is complete without specialist consultation!

What do we do?

We bring you both the prevention and the cure, in one user-friendly and informative package. We carry out a battery of tests, as well as having the patient share vital information with us through a detailed questionnaire, and then carefully study the data to learn what our patient needs. After this, we can assist the patient to set up the appropriate consultations and appointments as required. We also provide reliable, accessible and specialist-filtered healthcare information via our blog, allowing patients to educate themselves and stay informed through readable and easily digestible articles.

This is not to say that people already fighting a condition are left out! Secondary prevention is just as important to us. We have over 6000 doctors and 1200 hospitals in our registry - all you have to do is book an appointment using our service, and then review your doctor for the benefit of future patients!

The minds behind Healthisall

Our brilliant yet humble founders, Dr. R. Niranjan (MBBS, MS, Mch) and Dr. E. Niveditha (MBBS, MD, PGD) have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring Healthisall to this moment. Dr. Niranjan has seven years of experience in advanced gastric surgeries, but his entrepreneurial leanings pushed him to work towards merging the best of healthcare and technology into a single, one-stop platform - Healthisall. Dr. Niveditha specialises in paediatrics and developmental neurology, and works mainly for the rehabilitation of differently-abled children. She believes that early intervention and rehabilitation can help prevent disabilities in special children. Both our founders have focused largely on preventive healthcare in their own spheres.

Where are we going?

Our future plans are vast. Massive strides in medical and communications technology have opened up so many possibilities for the future of medicine. In the next few years, we intend to:

  • Set up virtual consultations

  • Create practice management software

  • Provide health assessment applications

  • Expand to South-East Asia

We hope that you will share our vision, and stand by our side as we step forward into the future!